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Kryzol® will provide the couple a certain number of topics each week for each partner to work on independently. After the couple finishes these topics, Kryzol® will then send notifications to each user regarding the problems that their partner has found and the solutions to those problems that their partner has also chosen. While the partners will be evaluating each other on certain topics, they will also be implementing their solutions on previous topics, week after week, until they analyze all 130 topics. If you use the process on a regular basis, you and your partner may see an improvement in your relationship as soon as the first few weeks. The entire process will take five months, leaving one month for more improvement and reevaluations of previous topics.


Six Months Subscription

Five Monthly Payments of $39.95

The 6th Monthly Payment

  • An investment of about $1 per day may drastically improve your relationship
  • Unlimited access! *
  • Unlimited e-mails *
  • Unlimited text messages *

* Offer Expires on December 31, 2022

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The Kryzol® self-help system has revolutionized the way couples communicate by providing relationship assistance in ways that perfectly match your fast-paced life: text, email, and future app notifications. Join today and see how easy it is to improve your relationship with the person you love.

The Kryzol® system places the highest importance on your privacy and security. We will never share, sell or trade any of the information you provide with any outside parties.